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About us and why we started this Brand 

Firstly let us introduce ourselves as Shantel and Tai and the reason as to why we started this business and choose to support people suffering with Cancer.

Both or our mothers have suffered with cancer and we have both lost several family members fighting this same cause. 

So it all started in 1998 when my mum found out that she had cervical cancer at this time she had a husband and 6 children the youngest being 3 and eldest being 11. When doctors checked the cancer it was to far gone which meant she had to have 6 and half weeks treatment of radio therapy, this meant she was hospital bound the whole time throughout. I remember going to the hospital everyday with my Dad, Brothers and Sisters so we could all see her. 

From being one the middle children as i was 7 at the time i was aware my mum was sick but didn't understand the term CANCER, to us as children we just automatically think that we are going to lose someone we love. 

From cervical cancer it then caused lots of other issues such as bowel obstruction , Anal fissure etc

In 2008 Throat cancer then appeared which then led to more radio therapy. The Radio therapy was due to consist of 6 and half weeks but had to be done within 2 weeks otherwise could have risked to not making it.

After all of this since then she has to take several different types of medication daily to help 

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